Useful resources, part 1

26 Apr

At this blog, we’re hoping to gather together a decent-sized list of resources for those hoping to understand the scope of the US prison system and resist, and those who would like to “do” the arts in women’s prisons. (Each of these will go up to the right here under “Links” after its blog posting is displaced!)

Resistance Behind Bars is an amazing website, and (like this blog) seemingly inspired by a book, Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women. There is also a related zine, Tenacious, full of writing by imprisoned women; an interview with the outside publisher of Tenacious, the ironically-surnamed Vikki Law, and the site offers a useful newswire with links to prison news items, analysis, and upcoming prison-activist events (most of the latter seem concentrated in the bay area). We especially appreciate the site’s specific focus on woman prisoners. As Vikki Law writes:

In 1974, women imprisoned at New York’s maximum-security prison at Bedford Hills staged what is known as the August Rebellion. Protesting the brutal beating of a fellow prisoner, the women fought off guards, holding seven of them hostage, and took over sections of the prison. Why do activists know about Attica but not the August Rebellion?

This is a site that is asking the right questions. Anyone interested in the conversations Razor Wire Women contributes to will want to check it out.


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