Gloria Killian: Forget Me Not

3 May

(One last piece by activist, former prisoner, and RWW ally Gloria Killian.)

                                    FORGET ME NOT

 We are incarcerated women
We are the forgotten, the marginalized, the dispossessed, the abandoned
The disposable refuse of a throw-away society
But the consequences of our repudiation have been overlooked in society’s haste
To hide its social and moral problems behind barbed wire and bars of steel
For we are the mothers of the future generations
The children who were torn from our arms
Will grow up to share the lessons they learned in their youth
As they have received, so shall they give
Those who were beaten, will inflict violence on others
Those who were sexually abused, will prey upon the innocent
The homeless and unwanted will become destroyers
The addicted will spread their sickness throughout the land
But those who received love, will give love to others
Those who received help, will one day help others
Compassion will be shared in the measure that it was received
Children who were permitted to bond and heal with their imprisoned mothers
Will grow up to make positive contributions to society
They will not sow the pain and anger of those who could never heal
Women who were helped to rehabilitate themselves
Will teach their children
To recover from their wounds
To be strong
To be kind
And to rise above their circumstances
Bitterness or blessing
The choice is yours


One Response to “Gloria Killian: Forget Me Not”

  1. Ashley Lucas May 4, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    Gloria, thank you for all of the postings you have made to this site. Your life and work are an inspiration to me. People like you who have continued to do good work in the world after your release give me hope that all the people I love who are incarcerated can build productive lives after they are released.

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