Prison News Roundup

4 May

Ever wonder who benefits from the insanely high cost of prison telephone services? So did the fine folks at Prison Legal News, and here they give an eye-opening account of what’s in those contracts.

The Institute for Higher Education Policy reports on educational opportunities in state prisons, and the Wall Street Journal reports on the report. Relatedly, here’s an interesting keynote address by academic Jeremy Travis (from the University Faculty Senate Conference on Higher Education in the Prisons, February, 2011) on “Rethinking Prison Education in the Age of Mass Incarceration.”

The American Prospect‘s Anna Clark reports on the disappointingly “muted” attempts of Eric Holder’s justice department to reduce prison rape.

California currently plans to perform no further executions during 2011; bureaucratic shakeups have resulted in a delay in review of a new lethal injection protocol.

Finances are driving Ohio’s conservative legislature to consider “community-based centers” (not sure what this means) as an alternative to state prison for nonviolent offenders.

Texas looks at privatizing its prison health care system, while would-be private contractors quiver with anticipation. Sounds like a quick means of conveyance between point Bad and point Worse.

We know that racial sentencing disparities exist. What about racial disparities in prison conditions? Two academics examine.


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