Contributor Spotlight: Sara Warner

9 May

Sara Warner, a Razor Wire Women contributor, is a rising scholar who works at the crossroads between theatre, performance, and LGBT issues. A past president of the Women and Theatre Program–another past WTP president, Razor Wire Women co-editor Ashley Lucas, assures me that Sara was invaluable in helping her to plan the yearly WTP pre-conference–Warner teaches in the department of Theater, Film, and Dance at Cornell, where she serves as a core faculty member in the Feminist, Gender, and Sexual Studies Program and an affiliate faculty member in LGBT Studies and Visual Studies. “Her work,” according to her official bio, “focuses on the affective dimensions and temporal logics of contemporary performance and politics. She has published widely in journals and anthologies on prison theater, queer aesthetics, second wave feminism, political terrorism, and academic labor. Her article, ‘Rage Slaves: The Commodification of Affect in The Five Lesbian Brothers’ The Secretaries’ (The Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism 2008) was nominated for ATHE’s [Association for Theatre in Higher Education] Outstanding Essay Award. ” Her ongoing interest in prison theatre is demonstrated by her willingness to speak with Lawston and Lucas on a panel on Razor Wire Women at ATHE this August (see above, under “Appearances” tab).


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