Contributor Spotlight: Sisters of Unique Lyrics (SOUL)

13 May

I wanted to write another in my series of conributor notes; instead I was confronted with one more example of the way the correctional system uproots lives.

According to the book, The Sisters of Unique Lyrics are a poetry group (sponsored by PCAP) meeting weekly at Scott Correctional in Plymouth, Michigan. A quick Google search, however, showed that Scott Correctional is no more … soon after women at the prison won a massive class-action lawsuit for years of sexual harrassment at the hands of guards. (At the emotional verdict, jurors actually stood and read a formal apology, on behalf of Michiganders, to the women.) It’s hard to get more information on the members of Sisters of Unique Lyrics after that, but one of the first Google hits that turns up for “Scott Correctional Facility” is this sad message from a man posting on

“All the inmates were moved to Huron Valley. I haven’t heard from my love in over a week and a half. I just keep writing. I don’t know if they are delivering my letters to her. I send at least one or more letters, jpay, or postcards each day hoping at least they are given her mail.”

Broke my heart a little.

More information about these contributors or any writing they’d like to see posted would be very welcome.


5 Responses to “Contributor Spotlight: Sisters of Unique Lyrics (SOUL)”

  1. Carmen May 14, 2011 at 4:49 am #

    reality Scott’s is been close and i understand the guy that wrote his love , i was in side Scott’s and the mail was always 1 or 2 weeks late 😦 sad when we need to hear about the people that cares for us this was and still is a punishment for all when they keep our mail , i never understand why they punish our loves ones with this “when we don’t get the mail our peps wont get a respond letter soon ” however today i’m thankful for this adversities no letters soon ” taught me TOLERANCE,PERSEVERANCE and SELF CONTROL ” Peace and Love to ya’ll

    • Phil May 24, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

      Carmen, thanks for reading, and thanks for responding.

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    • Phil August 10, 2011 at 5:15 pm #

      I’ll try to figure this out. (Signed, Blog Manager Of Only Moderate Expertise)

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