Mother Jones on Sex-for-Snitching in MA

18 May

I didn’t learn of this story until I was doing some other research for this blog. But a Mother Jones reporter posted the following to his blog in November, 2010:

A prisoner at the Massachusetts Correctional Institute at Norfolk recently wrote to me to report the existence of a “sex for information’’ ring run by guards within the prison. He says the existence of this hitherto unknown operation is responsible for the state’s high number of prison suicides. The inmate suicide rate in Massachusetts is four times the national average, with eight suicides this year alone–including one in June at MCI-Norfolk, the state’s largest medium-security prison, which also had two high-profile suicides last year. The prisoner, who says he has become the advocate for others too frightened of retaliation to talk, himself fears retaliation from within the prison.

Go read the whole piece–it’s disturbing, but, being thinly sourced and inconclusive, it also raises more questions than answers. Hopefully MoJo (or someone else) will do some follow-up. If anyone has any information they might contact the MoJo reporter, James Ridgeway.


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