From Jodie Lawston: Letters from Jane Dorotik and Je’Anna Redwood

19 Jun

I received letters today from Jane Dorotik and Je’Anna Redwood, two of our contributors to Razor Wire Women.  Both Jane and Je’Anna are incarcerated in California and took my writing workshop a few years ago; out of this workshop emerged Je’Anna’s essay “The Voice of Silence,” which is chapter 2 of RWW, and Jane’s essay, “The Prison Mentality,” which is chapter 9 of RWW.  Both Je’Anna and Jane write that they are thrilled to be part of the book, emphasizing that they feel it is important that incarcerated women’s experiences be told to the world.  Additionally, Jane writes:

What a great book!  It is an honor to be part of it and I feel like it is so very valuable for the public to become informed about our prison system.  The book is filled with eye-opening revelations about incarcerated women and the struggles they endure.  I believe with publications such as Razor Wire Women, society will become informed and then become active in reversing this shameful trend.  The more we can inform the public about what goes on behind prison walls, the more likely it is that society will rise up and say, “No, this is shameful, we will not tolerate it.”  Thank you so much for such an important book.

Thank you, Jane and Je’Anna, for being a part of this project!


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