Welcome Back to the Blog

6 Aug

Gentle readers,

We know you’ve probably been wondering why we’ve drifted away from posting in the last month, and we sincerely apologize.  No major crisis has occurred–merely the typical interruptions of an academic life drawing us away to other projects.

The good news is that we are back with a renewed commitment to keep open the lines of communication for all the razor wire women in cyberspace.  We want to hear from you and hope that you will respond to us as we get back to posting regularly.  Here’s a little overview of what to expect in the weeks to come:

  • News about artists working in and around prisons
  • More contributor spotlights
  • Updates on our upcoming appearances to speak about Razor Wire Women and Doin’ Time: Through the Visiting Glass
  • Reviews of books about women and incarceration
  • Descriptions of activist organizations which are doing important work to support prisoners and their families

Keep reading this blog!  Much more will come soon!

Yours in solidarity,

Ashley, Jodie, and Phil


One Response to “Welcome Back to the Blog”

  1. Al Heartley August 8, 2011 at 3:10 am #

    We are so glad to have all of you back on the blog scene! There are so many important stories that need to be told and to have this collection in addition to the blog is a wonderful addition to studies of women in prison as well as prison theater that occurs throughout the US, but so few people actually know about. Thank you both for bringing this back and I look forward to reading and learning more through this blog.

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