Matthew Puckett’s Last Day

20 Mar

Larry Matthew Puckett is scheduled to be executed early this evening by the state of Mississippi.  Read an earlier post on this blog for more information.  The message below is from my friend Matt Erickson who has been Puckett’s pen pal of several years.

Words from a friend who is in close contact with Matt’s family:

“The execution is scheduled for tonight, 6:00 ET, 5:00 Matt’s time. They are answering the phone at the Governor’s office if you’d like to call, 601-359-3150. This is a first as I’ve been calling daily but only able to leave a message, his name is Gov. Phil Bryant and as I understand from one of Matt’s attorneys, he is NOT running for re-election, so he has nothing to lose politically if he grants a stay. I haven’t seen anything on the net thus far about the decision on his clemency hearing. Matt’s mom said that everything was hand delivered this past Wednesday.

There is a huge rally today at the Miss. state capitol, then they will go to Parchman. And I rec’d a letter from Matt yesterday. His spirits are up, his faith is so strong. Over 5000 signatures went to the Gov. yesterday.”

If anyone wants to do anything else about this situation, now is the time to do it.


Matt Erickson


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