Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Artist’s statement, Dawna(Lessie) Brown
Foreword, Kathy Boudin and Ruth Snyder
Artist’s statement, Malaquias Montoya
From Representations to Resistance: How the Razor Wire Binds Us, Jodie Michelle Lawston
Artist’s statement: Ricky A. Taylor
Historical Contextualization, Jodie Michelle Lawston
The Voice of Silence, Je’Anna Redwood
Doing Time in Detention Home: Gendered Punishment Regimes in Youth Jails, Brian Bilsky and Meda Chesney-Lind
Healer: A Monologue from the Play Doin’ Time: Through the Visiting Glass, Ashley Lucas
Incarcerated Women: Motherhood on the Margins, Barbara Bloom and Marilyn Brown
Doing Time with Mom: A Nonfiction Essay, Shirley Haviland-Nakagawa
ASFA and the Impact on Imprisoned Migrant Women and Their Children, Martha Escobar
Carceral State, Cultural Stake: Women behind American Bars and Beyond, Trangdai Glassey-TranguyenArtist’s statement: Joanie Estes-Rodgers
Historical Contextualization, Jodie Michelle Lawston
The Prison Mentality, Jane Dorotik
“If I Wasn’t Suicidal, That’ll Drive You to It”: Women, Jail, and Mental Health, Angela Moe
Patiently Waiting, Jen Myers
Artist’s statement: Patricia K. Thorn
Transgender Women, Sexual Violence, and the Rule of Law: An Argument in Favor of Restorative and Transformative Justice, Linda Heidenreich
Prison Rape, Johanna Hudnall
From Women Prisoners to People in Women’s Prisons: Challenging the Gender Binary in Antiprison Work, Julia Sudbury
Giving the Voiceless a Voice, Renita Phifer
Artist’s statement: Valencia C.
Historical Contextualization, Ashley E. Lucas, Connie Convicta and Vato Emiliano Comics
Artist’s statement: Ana Lucia Gelabert
Inside-Out: The Reaches and Limits of a Prison Program, Simone Weil Davis
Desiree, Leslie Levitas
Restorytive Justice: Theater as a Redressive Mechanism for Incarcerated Women, Sara Warner
On Visual Politics and Poetics:Incarcerated Girls and Women Artists, Jillian Hernandez
Hope in a Box: Sanity Sold Separately, Sisters of Unique Lyrics (SOUL)
The Life Inside: Incarcerated Women Represent Themselves through Journalism, Eleanor Novek
Epilogue.Identifying Marks: What the Razor Wire Hides, Ashley E. Lucas

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